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Allergic Reactions to Mold in a Home

Every year, numerous people suffer ill health effects as the result of the presence of mold in the home. Mold may be any color, including black or white. The presence of mold in a home is the result of excess moisture.

Mold and Health Issues

Molds may cause a wide range of health problems. If a person is sensitive, he or she may experience some type of allergic reaction if mold is touched or inhaled. Some allergy symptoms experienced by such persons include:

  • itchy, watery eyes;
  • sneezing; and
  • runny nose.

A significant amount of research is being conducted on the long-term effects of continued exposure to mold in the home.

Mold Eradication Tips

Prevention of mold is key! In order to control mold, the level of moisture within a home must be controlled. If mold is found within a home, it should be cleaned up immediately.

At, the United States Environmental Protection Agency provides more information about how mold is produced and the associated risks to human health and property.