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Firm Overview

J. Shane Givens provides specialized legal assistance to clients facing a wide-range of legal issues, including family problems, criminal charges, and personal and emotional injuries. Mr. Givens can also help you develop an informed and lucrative estate plan or walk you through a real estate transaction.

Mr. Givens actively listens to his clients so that he can aggressively represent their interests. He prides himself on his consistent use of the most cost-effective techniques and on the ability of the firm to provide personalized attention to its clients.

The Law Office of J. Shane Givens prides themselves on their reputation for fairness, professionalism, knowledge of the law, and ability to understand a client’s challenges and opportunities. He actively listens to his clients and provides prompt and accurate legal counsel.

Whether you need assistance with something as simple as a real estate closing or as complicated as the defense of criminal prosecution, the law firm of J. Shane Givens would welcome the opportunity to help and support you.