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Divorce permanently changes the lives of both spouses and children. Questions regarding how to support yourself and your children, where to live, how to pay debts, etc. need to be answered. If you or your spouse determine that divorce is what is needed, Attorney J. Shane Givens is equipped to be your legal counselor through the process.

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Attorney J. Shane Givens is aggressive and diligent in his representation of a plaintiff or a defendant in a divorce proceeding. Shane is committed to providing the highest quality legal services within the framework of professional integrity and cost effectiveness. Shane provides independent judgment and creative problem-solving—tailored to the client’s needs—and recommends pragmatic and alternative methods of dispute resolution when appropriate, including mediation and arbitration. Shane takes pride in his history for finding practical solutions to a great variety of problems arising in a divorce and stands on his reputation of being prepared to proceed with trial whenever the circumstances require. Shane strives at all times to navigate the client through the complex legal world of divorce with personal attention and service.


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